Wheelchair Coaching Resouces

Top International Wheelchair Players video

This video highlights some of the top players from around the world including Canada's best female players.

Coaching Wheelchair Doubles Manual

This manual is unique world-wide. It covers the intricacies of wheelchair doubles. It is available from the Tennis Canada bookstore. [Click here to order] (http://www.tenniscanada.ca/tennis_canada/Pub/DisplayPage.aspx?PageID=1372&Language=English&ActiveMenus=yes#7)

Wheelchair Instructors Manual

This is the Instructors manual for the Tennis Canada Wheelchair Instructor Course. It is a supplement manual designed to complement the Able-bodied Instructor Certification course manual. This is a unique manual that covers coaching Wheelchair Tennis from a Game-Based Approach.
[Click here to order] (http://www.tenniscanada.ca/tennis_canada/Pub/DisplayPage.aspx?PageID=1372&Language=English&ActiveMenus=yes#7)