Using a Holistic approach in developing players...

The Holistic approach to player development (sometimes also called the "Global" approach) simply recognizes that there is much more to tennis than stroke execution (technique). There are 4 "Performance Factors" that go into a match perfomance:

  • Psychological (including Mental, Emotional and Social)
  • Physical
  • Tactical
  • Technical

The "traditional" approach to player development concentrates heavily on the technical element. Other elements are sometimes addressed later in a player's development, but they are usually treated as independent "islands of knowledge". There is little integration. By contrast, the Holistic approach recognizes that all elements are critical.

No matter how strong a player may be in a given area, it is invariably the weakest link in a chain that determines when and where the chain will break.

In the Holistic approach, all elements are developed from the outset in an integrated way.