21st Century Coaching Principles

Tennis has been changing, and changing dramatically! As we moved into the 21st Century, it was clear we had witnessed a revolution in the playing of the game. It was a revolution driven by pioneering professional players seeking new ways to achieve a competitive advantage. It was a revolution supported by innovations in technology.

Unfortunately, although the game had changed, the way it was taught had not. Today, we stand on the threshold of a second revolution. This revolution, which promises to be equally dramatic, is a revolution in the teaching of the game. It has two primary driving forces:

  1. A deeper understanding of the nature of the sport
  2. A deeper understanding of how people learn

This new understanding has major implications for coaching. It is now beginning to transform not only what we teach, but also how we teach it. This is the transformation to Coaching for the 21st Century.

What will distinguish "21st Century" coaching from "traditional" coaching? In our experience, coaches who embrace 21st Century principles are producing better players faster. We find this to be true at all levels of play, from novice to touring professional.

This new coaching is based on four foundations. Any one of these four areas can help your coaching improve dramatically. Taken together they can transform your coaching. They include:

  • Teaching in a Learner-centred way

  • Using a Holistic approach in developing players

  • Teaching tennis as an Open Skill sport

  • Adopting a Game-Based Approach to training

We invite you to explore each of these four areas by clicking the titles (on the list at the top of this page). You'll probably find that some things are familiar, and some are new.

Remember that not long ago, even the very best of today's new breed of coaches used a traditional approach. That was not by choice, but rather because it was the only way we knew. Today we have a much better alternative.

Will you become a successful 21st Century coach? That choice is yours. What we can tell you is this: if you make a sincere effort to integrate the new ways into your coaching, you'll never go back. No one we've trained who has masterd the methodology has ever returned to the old traditional ways.

We invite you to join us as we enter the 21st Century. Your players will benefit, and you will benefit. You may even find that your passion for the game you love grows even stronger.