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We have developed cutting edge resources to help coaches navigate their journey to 21st Century, Game-based coaching. The information in these resources is practical and effective and represents the most innovative concepts in tennis coaching today.

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Situation Training: Drilling for a GBA

This manual is a 'Coaching workshop in a book'. It starts with a sample of a typical tennis drill and then, section by section, 'evolves' the drill with Situation Training principles that improve the drill structure, organizes the goals of the drill, modifies the feeding, and adds decision-making. All in a Game-based Approach method. This may be the only manual you need for effective GBA drilling.


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21st Century Tennis Coaching

This manual covers the foundations of 21st Century Coaching. Learn about what it means to give "Learner-centred" lessons that are Game-based, integrate Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological principles (holistic), and teach tennis as an 'Open Skill'.


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Progressive Tennis 1/2 Court DVD

Created for Tennis Canada by Wayne Elderton and Neil Parker, this is a fantastic resource for coaching 5-7 year olds in a Progressive Tennis System. Inspired by the excellent work of the Belgium Tennis Federation, there are over 50 development drills in a systematic progression of skills.

Members of the Canadian Tennis Professionals Association (TPA) can get the DVD through the TPA. Internationally, the DVD is exclusively distributed by

Here is an example of what is being said about the DVD:

"This DVD is one of the best, if not the best, DVD on the market that focuses on total development of players at this early stage. This is a highly recommended purchase for all coaches working with players in this demographic."

ITF Play & Stay Newsletter Review

"Best I have seen"

Larry Jurovich

Head of Coach Education, British Lawn Tennis Association

"A clear and very comprehensive DVD on how to create positive learning environments for junior players."

Travis Atkinson

Manager Coach Development, Tennis Australia

"Any child who is in a class that follows the progressions in this DVD will have fun, be active and will learn a tremendous amount of information about playing tennis."

Kirk Anderson

Director Recreational Coaches and Programs USTA

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F.A.S.T Program Manual

The Fun Adult Starter Tennis program is a comprehensive 'how-to' program for adult starter players. It includes detailed lesson plans which use a Game-based approach and Progressive Tennis to build a solid tennis foundation. It also includes how to run a accompanying league (with rotations for 5-12 players). Used successfully in Canada, this program has created a 70% or more retention rate for beginner players.



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